CIT Resewn also provides an API that allows adding custom CIT types and conditions.

Expect the API to change a lot, still not 100% sure on how I want to do this..

CIT Types

(temporary api)

To register custom cit types, call CITParser.REGISTRY#put during your mod's client initialisation.

For example:

public void onInitializeClient() {
    // Either add CIT Resewn as a dependency or check with fabric if
    // CIT Resewn is loaded(for optional support) before doing this.

    // Register type=backpack to allow cits to change your mod's backpack's texture
    CITParser.REGISTRY.put("backpack", CITBackpack::new);

Then, implement CITBackpack extends CIT and handle parsing in its constructor.
From there, the CIT would be read during asset reloads, and you'll need to handle storage during construction and clean up during #dispose().

For working examples that utilize caching, look at the default types in CIT Resewn.


This is not implemented yet! Follow issue #13 for updates!