CIT Enchantment

Note that features marked in italics are unique to CIT Resewn.

This page applies to CITs marked with type=enchantment.

This section is not complete! It is still being written :/

CIT Enchantment replaces the purple glint texture that appears on enchanted items.
These glints can be layered, blended and even be placed on items without vanilla glints.

The glint is a png texture, formatted like the vanilla glint texture (assets/minecraft/textures/misc/enchanted_item_glint.png).



The CIT must match the item in that has its glint changed.


Key Value Type                       Description Default
texture Texture Asset
Replaces the texture of this glint layer with the resolved texture. None
layer Any whole number 0
speed Any number 1.0
rotation Any number 0.0
duration Any number Not implemented yet 0.0
blend Literal or Custom add
useGlint Boolean false
blur Boolean false
r Any positive number 1.0
g Any positive number 1.0
b Any positive number 1.0
a Any positive number 1.0

Blending Functions

Named Functions

Function Effect
replace _
glint _
alpha _
add _
subtract _
multiply _
dodge _
burn _
screen _
overlay _

Custom Function